March 10, 2009      

Southwestern Illinois

Playing the Waiting Game.
Small Cell

Waiting for the Squall Line
The Line Passes

Today I was able to leave work after working a half day.  I headed home to pick up the equipment and son, Ryan, take a quick look at the data and head out of the door.  We headed southeast across the river into Illinois on I-64.  There we would wait for the storms to develop.  Seemed like a plan as we had a reasonable highway grid, reasonable viewing through that area and an early start.  We traveled until hitting the New Baden, Illinois exit.  Being in a position we thought was pretty decent, we stopped at the McDonalds, had lunch and made use of the wi-fi connection that was available there.  We watched, and watched, and watched some more.  Hoping for a bleep on the radar of any decrete cell forming out in front of the broken line back in Missouri, it soon became apparent that was only just a dream.  Finally we got a couple cells forming to our north about 20 miles that seemed to quickly build.  We watched them on radar as we held tight and restrained ourselves from jumping too early.  About as fast as they went up, the cells faded away to nothing.  We came to the realization that there was to be no cells forming out in front of the line and began working our way back toward Missouri.  We stopped again at the Shiloh exit to grab the wi-fi connection at the hotel and met up with St. Louis chaser and friend, Nick Pavlovits.  We examined the radar and looked at some data and the radar again and together made the decision that it just wasn’t going to happen this day as the daylight began to fade.  We headed back toward home.  On the way back we took the loop around the east side of St. Louis and ran into the squall line as we neared home.  We saw nothing severe, no lightning and a lot of rain in the line.  This day goes down as a “BUST”.

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