August 26, 2019   

We took a chance with a chase opportunity that was setting up in eastern Kansas / western Missouri.  My son Ryan and I headed out mid morning to meet up with Brian Stertz after he got off of work in the mid afternoon.

After picking up Brian, the target was now Chanute, Kansas.   The morning MCS convection stabilized the atmosphere in the original target area closer to Kansas City, Missouri and forced us to move the target more south and southwest into southeast Kansas.

As we neared the target zone, we played the area southeast of Chanute, nearer to Parsons, Kansas.  Storms were anticipated around 6:00pm, but as we arrived in the area, storms began firing around 4:00pm.  We worked our way toward what looked like a growing, healthy storm heading for Thayer, Kansas. 

As we worked our way toward it, the storm began evaporating and soon was completely gone.  Several more storms went up in the area only to see the same result, hard towers going up, then a gradual demise to nothing.

It wasn't until later in the evening that storms finally went up and stayed up.  We latched on to a cell to our west coming out of Elk City, Kansas.  The storm grew and eventually matured into a supercell with a lowered base and a wall cloud.  The wall cloud had some decent rotation, but could never produce enough spin to garner a funnel or tornado. 

As has been the case for nearly every chase in 2019, we targeted storms that failed to produce, yet 30 miles away, the storm produces a confirmed tornado.  Since the light of day was fading away, chasing the storm producing the tornado was not a feasible option.  We also concluded that storm was a high precipitation storm that would be hiding the tornado.

Total Trip - 889 Miles

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