April 19, 2002
Ryan Thies, Richard Thies
Today was a slight risk day.  There was some chance of tornadic cells, but plenty of opportunity for large hail again.   The target zone was on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River and after gathering data and watching the first returns on radar come in from north of St. Louis, we headed out for Madison/Greene County Illinois.  We could see the towers build as we approached the Clark Bridge into Illinois.   Ryan and I went core punching as we caught the storms between Godfrey and Brighton Illinois.  We were treated to 1.25" hail and a 70mph (+or-) microburst.  After several hours of playing tag with several storms and seeing hail on 3 different occasions, we headed home.  On the way home we had turned the weather scanner off and by accident found ourselves in a tornado warning for St. Louis County Missouri.  Everything at this point was high precipitation and totally wrapped in rain.  We never did see any circulation as we crossed through the mass of rain.

Multicell Towers Going Up

More Towers Growing

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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