April 27, 2002
Northeast Kansas, Northwest Missouri

Tom Zeitinger and I drove down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to chase with our good friend Brian Stertz.  We arrived and picked our Target  Zone as the area around Northeast Kansas/Northwest Missouri for the chase the next day.  Got an early start and breezed through Kansas, into Missouri, then Iowa, finally Nebraska and waited for signs of convection.  It finally fired in Northeast Kansas and we met the storm in Northwest Missouri.  The first supercell rocketed to the northeast at 70mph and we could only get a passing shot as it streaked by.  Then supercell #2 developed to the south of the first and this one moved east at a meager 50mph.  The unfortunate thing about the trip happened as we stopped on the side of the road watching under the updraft of this cell, the van runs out of gas.  Goodbye Supercell!!!!  Disappointment was the theme of the day.  This day certainly was a very fast paced day and losing track of the gasoline was just the topper.  Thanks to Jeff Piotrowski for retrieving us off of the highway by bringing us a can of gas.


Tom and Brian watch new convection

Supercell #1

Looking under the Updraft of #1

Low Hanging Rainbow

Supercell #2

Looking under the Updraft 

Funnel Cloud

Overshooting Top of #2

Closer View

Rich - Tom - Brian

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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