March 28, 2002
East Central Missouri
This is one of those days when you know that the tornado potential is zero, but the lure of the lone cell coming out of Northern St. Charles County in Missouri and was enough to get me out today, especially since the beginning of the season was so slow to start.  As it came through St. Charles County, we began hearing reports of Golf ball size hail falling in St. Paul Missouri.  This storm was moving at 60mph plus, so keeping up with it was not an option with the Mississippi River in the way.  The storm went by to the north of us and our goal today was just to cross the cores path and see the large hail it was laying down.  The hail path went right through the town of Orchard Farm on Highway 94 in St. Charles County.  It fell short of us calling it large hail, but still was severe status at 1" in size.

Storm's Backside

Glimpse of the Core

1" Hail on the Ground

Closer View of 1" Hail

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