July 13, 2015    

The moderate risk was just too much of a draw today, so Ryan and I headed out to chase.  Our initial target was the Davenport, Iowa area.  We went up through the middle of Illinois and would make our way there through Peoria, Illinois.  When we reached that Peoria area, we decided to grab lunch and hold.  We did the back and forth between Peoria and Galesburg and back again as we tried to figure out what and where the first storm would go up.

Eventually we watched the first storms indeed go up in eastern
Iowa heading toward Davenport, our original target.  We worked our way up to Davenport and had thoughts of catching the storm coming into and through the city.  The storm up to this time was intensifying as it was having a pretty good look to it and had a decent wall cloud in town, but we changed our minds about going into town as the rush hour traffic had the highways jammed. 
We backtracked and waited for it on the southeast side of town.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, we continued to have a good view of this storm as it made its way through Illinois.  Although the storm seemed to max out and was on the decline, there were a few times there the storm made attempts at wall clouds, but those attempts were extremely weak.   We saw numerous rainbows as the sun began to lower and the sunset was outstanding with extremely colorful skies with the storms clouds from both the storm we were on and the storms off in the distance.

All in all, the trip had some moments, but we saw nothing in the way of anything severe from our vantage point.

Thanks to Brian Stertz for the occasional nowcasting.

659 miles

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