June 06, 2015    

After a successful day yesterday, we moved to Northeast Nebraska for the very hyped tornadic storm day that was forecast. Drove up from our overnight stay in Overland Park, KS heading toward Souix City, Iowa.  Along the way, we saw a very interesting feature that was circulating on an axis boundary.  We pulled over and watched it for a few minutes hoping for a morning surprise.  It soon gusted out.

Once we reached Souix City, we headed west toward our target zone.  We picked our Laurel, Nebraska as our holding spot.  As we arrived, the first cell was going up just to the west.  It became the dominant cell as it pulled in  all of the surrounding cells that went up.  We were in perfect position as we moved just west of Plainview, Nebraska to watch it from a couple of different locations as it approached.

These storms never could get their act together and ground level rotation was never very strong.  We eventually bailed from this storm and grabbed a stronger storm to the south which seemed to have better potential.  As we approached, it drastically weakened.  There were few severe warnings and the storms turned into big rain makers.

Total Two Day Trip - 2414 miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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