June 24, 2021  

Took a trip out to Northeast Kansas on a slight risk day with the hope of seeing the elusive 2021 tornadoes our team has experienced this year.

My son Ryan and I headed out in the early morning to pick up Brian Stertz at his place after he put in a morning of work.  Storms were forecasted to erupt in the early evening in Northeast Kansas near the Nebraska border.  We headed up Highway 29 on the Missouri side of the river and had a sit down lunch at the Pizza Hut in St. Joseph, Missouri.  After lunch, we headed west on Highway 36 into Kansas to our target of Hiawatha.  As the afternoon wore on, we altered our target a bit westward. 

An initial storm developed out to our west.  We decided to stay patient and wait until the storms fired closer to our location rather than moving west and putting us out of position for potential cells firing in the better conditions where we were.  We were glad to see the chaser convergence flock to that first cell that fired out to the west leaving us free of the traffic clogs for the rest of the day.  Or patience paid off as storms eventually fired to the northeast of the original storm right along the Kansas/Nebraska border. 

We worked some of the back roads of northern Kansas to position ourselves on the areas of rotation that appeared on the forming line of storms.  The storms showed some minor rotation at times and had the occasional wall cloud , but none of the storms were able to wrap up to create a tornado.

Radar Image
Map of our Journey
Total Miles  - 871

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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