March 15, 2021  

Hmm, a Marginal Risk, but a possibility of a few spin up tornadoes were possible on the warm front boundary between Kansas City and St. Louis.  My son Ryan and I decided to take the challenge.

Set our target at Jefferson City based on the HRRR data.  The boundary was set up just to the south of the city.  Arrived around 3:30.  Storms were already in progress down near interstate 44.  Not the expected place for our storms today.  We had committed, so we held tight and waited.

One of the first storm attempts gave us one of the few bright spots of the day as it displayed a wide rainbow.

As the afternoon progressed, there were a few attempts at storm development right along the boundary.   As the storm would begin to go up, we'd latch onto it to follow it, but the storms would drift north instead of riding the boundary and would loss intensity in the cold air.

We watched on radar several storms out in western Missouri that did ride along the boundary and produce some weak tornadoes, but in central Missouri where we chose to chase remained void of any potentially tornadic activity.
 8 Hours - 365 Miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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