April 24, 2022  

Although there was a slight risk of severe storms just to my east today, I had no intention of chasing due to the very low tornado risk.  Wasn't even paying attention to the weather when out of the blue I get a call from my friend Lucas Munzlinger alerting me of a growing cell just to the north of my house with some interesting looks to it.  I decided "Why Not!" since it was very close by.

Within 5 minutes I was out the door on my way chasing solo today.  Took Route 67 north through Alton, IL, then grabbed Route 111 north.  As I approached Brighton, IL, I had a good view of the back side of the last cell in a small line of cells (#1)I followed these cells after catching them and moved east and north with them.  The cell(s) changed shape and transitioned a lot during the time I followed them (#2-#6).  Saw plenty of the gust front, but at one point the tail end storm made a feeble attempt at forming a funnel (#6), but it just couldn't get a true spin going.  I followed these cells all the way up to Litchfield, IL and at that point, let the those cells go and grabbed on to a new cell forming off to the southwest (#7-#9).  I let that cell come up to me, catch me, and pass by again with nothing spectacular to see before heading home.

Definitely saw several wall clouds today as I drove along side of the storms.  Never saw a velocity couplet on radar nor did I see any substantial rotation in any of those with the minor exception of the one with the wanna-be funnel that lasted probably less than a minute.  One of the drawbacks of chasing solo is not being able to monitor everything in real time and that is especially true for me who rarely does it.

Photos from today (click to enlarge)


#4 #5 #6

#7 #8 #9

The route on this trip

2.5 Hours
120 Miles

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