April 30, 2022  

After the chase yesterday and the long night of helping my chase partner get settled after his tragic, life-changing night followed by the long drive back home, my son Ryan and I were up early again in preparation for an Illinois chase opportunity. There was a very small chance of tornadic cells forecasted.

Before storms were to initiate, we both attended the local American Meteorology Society field trip to the Alton, Illinois Lock and Dam for a tour.

When the tour ended, and we headed up I-55 toward Springfield, Illinois.  As we were heading north, we were eyeing some on-going storms just to the north of Springfield heading northeast.  We made an attempt at catching these storms, but as we reached Springfield, we realized these storms were moving too quick and catching them was not a feasible option.  We dropped back down south and pulled into a rest area to re-evaluate.  The decision was to just hang out in the area and see if any storms developed.

It wasn't long and a storm developed to our southwest.  We made the move to line ourselves up with the storm coming at us.

We maneuvered our way northeastward through the back country roads following the storm, but the intensity never ramped up to the point of becoming severe.  We eventually let the storm go and headed back to I-55 again.

Now there were more storms forming to the west of the highway.

One of the storms in the line finally became severe warned, but we never saw any severe parameters as each cell passed right in front of us.  As the last cell passed us to the east, we headed home.  We got one last surprise on the back side of the last cell with a rainbow to end the day.

6.5 Hours  -  302 Miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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