May 25, 2022  

Decided to take a gamble on a Marginal Risk setup with a potential of brief tornadoes.  Isolated storms were expected in the late afternoon in Southern Illinois and the a line of storms would come out of Missouri into Illinois later in the evening.

I met up with Tom Stolze and my son Ryan and headed east on I-70 into Illinois.  As we moved east, we could see a few developing storms.  We met the first one crossing in front of us right before Vandalia, Illinois.  We were hoping to find a spin, but no luck in this storm.

As we watched the other occasional storms fire, none of them seemed to exhibit any sort of spin.  We pulled into Effingham, Illinois and had some lunch as we watched for signs of storm enhancement.  After lunch, it was clear the storms were losing their intensity, so the decision was made to head back west again to play the storms now coming out of Missouri. 

We grabbed I-70 again heading westbound.  A few storms out in front of the line of storms got our attention.  We exited I-70 at the Greenville, Illinois exit to maneuver in front of them. 

We played a bit of back and forth as we took a look at multiple cells that would move by us.  Only one of the storms showed a bit of promise with a lowering, but the rotation on the storm was very weak.

As the last of the storms went by, the sun came out from behind the clouds as we were still sitting in a pouring rain.  I couldn't wait to find an open spot to pull over with an open view as I knew what I was gonna see behind us.  Found a spot and looked behind to see a bright, full double rainbow. 

6.5 Hours  -  259 Miles

Click on the link below to see video of some of these storms.

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